This page illustrates some of the typical vehicles that I make. Most of them are made from hardwoods, primarily oak, walnut, and cherry. Some are from pine and have some plywood parts.

In practically all cases the wheels and axles used are not hand-made but are purchased from an on-line woodworkers source. Illustration of this is American Woodcrafters Supply Company

#2201 Vintage Livestock Truck with removal tai-gate.
Made from oak, walnut and cherry wood. [$60]
1930 Vintage Truck with removable tail gate.
Constructed from walnut, oak, and cherry. Finished with Tung oil & shellac. [$75]
#2120 Woody Wagon, Vintage Ford, 13.5″x5.25″x5.75″ Oak/Walnut/Cherry, Finished with Tung Oil, Shellac, [$55]
#2220 2×4 Truck Car Carrier with three loaded cars – painted
This entire structure is made from 2×4 wood stock, typically oak or pine. Finished with tung oil, acrylic paint, and shellac
. [$52]
This 2×4 Truck Car Carriers with three loaded cars – stained with wheels painted is made from oak.

#2140 Jeep with removal top
Made from oak and walnut.
Soild Block Pickup – painted
Solid Block Roadster – Painted
Solid Block – Simple Roadster – Painted
Solid Block VW Car – painted
Modular Truck Sets: Tractor (grey) with Trailer (red), Truck (blue), and Pickup (green) beds

#2235 Emergency Vehicle Painted Ste of 4: Fire Truck, Tank Truck, Ambulance, and Police Car. FT: 7.5″x3.5″x1.5″ TT: 7.5″x3.5″x1.5″ Amb: 6″x3.5″x1.5″; PC: 5.75″x2.875″x1.5″. Made of Oak or Pine. Finished with Tung Oil, Acrylic Paint, and Shellac. [$48]

#2410 “Fun-O-Duster” Crop Duster Airplane. 10″x8″x6″; Walnut/Maple, Tung Oil and Shellac [$36]

#2245 Peterbilt Tow Truck [$175]

2246 Peterbilt Logging Truck [$150]

Peterbilt Logging Truck — side view [$175]
#2272 Small World Pony Stable Set [$103]
2272 Small World Pony Stable Set – side view [$103]