This page contains various wooden toys for children. Some are very simple; others are more complex.

#3112 Horse Simple Pull Toy. 6″x4.5″x?” Made from Walnut; Finished with Tung Oil and Shellac. [$21]

#3113 Rabbit Simple Pull Toy. 6″x4.5″x??”. Made from Walnut; Finished with Tung Oil and Shellac [$21]

Simple rabbit pull toy

#3101 Hopping Rabbit — pull toy 8.5″x10″x0.875″
This toy is made from walnut and finished with Tung Oil and Shellac. Pulling the rabbit with the rope creates a hopping motion. The wheels are not walnut however. Other versions of this toy may be made with pine and then painted. [$35]
#2350 Stacking Blocks Train with Engine and three cars – painted with multi-colors. The cars carry blocks of various shapes and colors. Cars can be hooked and unhooked from the engine. [$60]
#4442 Shape Stacker- Geometric shaped blocks on pegs: circle, rectangle, triangle, square, and octagon – with multiple colors. [$35]